Chapter Officers:

President - Harry Rinker
1st V. President - Eric Winters
2nd V. President - Rick Arnold
Secretary - Rick Arnold
Treasurer - John Schnieder
Genealogist - Harry Rinker
Public Relations - Craig Rich
Historian - Dan Hibma
Chaplain - Dan Uitvlugt
Trustee - Rick Arnold
Trustee - Mark Chamberlain
Director, Youth Contests - Dan Uitvlugt
Director, Eagle Scout Award - David Hill
Director, Flag Awards - Chip Stevers
Director, Veterans Committee - John Baxter
Director, Speakers Bureau - Craig Rich
Sergeant at Arms - John Lepisto

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West Michigan Chapter:

The West Michigan Chapter of the Michigan State Society of the SAR is the oldest chapter in the State. At a special meeting of the MISSAR, held at the Russell House Parlors in Detroit on the evening of May 19, 1896, a resolution was adopted "authorizing the Secretary to carry into effect the necessary requirements for forming a Chapter in the City of Grand Rapids." At a subsequent meeting held February 24, 1897, the the document to the left was received.

At a meeting March 12, 1897, a letter from the Secretary General of the National Society approved the Chapter to be organized. The following were the first Officers of the Chapter voted December 2, 1897: President William R. Shelby Vice President Elbridge G. Studley Secretary James M. Crosby Treasurer Van Arthur Wallin Board of Managers Moses Taggart, William Savidge, and Loyal E. Knappen

Today, the West Michigan Chapter of the SAR works to actively contribute to our community, partnering with our sisters in the DAR and our local CAR chapter.

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