Submission Requirements:

The patriot ancestor document should be completely edited before it is submitted - how it is submitted is how it will appear on the webpage. Insert photos into the document where they belong with the text, but also submit them separately. There should be no mention of the sponsoring compatriot or his family members. Do not include any personal information such as street addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. No links to websites - personal or professional - should be included. Avoid mention of any living persons.

The essay should however, contain references to books, SAR indexes, DAR indexes, family documents, LDS listings, military documents, and other reference works, if appropriate.

Keep in mind that your audience consists mostly of non-SAR members as well as multiple generations who have very little knowledge of the time period your patriot ancestor lived in as well as familiarity with the military procedures he engaged. Whenever possible, explain references to concepts of this time period, avoid obscure abbreviations (except when quoting directly from sources), and bridge the time gap between then and now (geographical references, etc.). Don't simply copy & paste from muster rolls, service indexes, pension records, and the like. Instead, interpret what you've learned from these sources in long-hand so that others may better understand context and background.

Information to include and general guidelines:

Full Name of Patriot. Try to avoid including only nicknames, and where possible, provide alternate spellings that were used.

Rank of Patriot. Generally, the highest rank achieved, or at least the rank that he was most known by. (If the patriot did not serve in the military or the militia directly, but has been formally considered to have “provided service to the cause of American Independence,” then please indicate this.)

Genealogical Background. Genealogy information about the patriot is important because it sets the context for the patriot’s service – e.g., age, occupation of father, geographic area, etc. This provides readers the opportunity to possibly tie into the information provided themselves. Please limit genealogy to the patriot’s parents and immediate family, unless other family members are of direct interest.

Additional Information. Stories, descriptions of military action, timelines, and other data are certainly welcome to add substance to the narrative, but only if there is good reason to believe that the information is true. (When in doubt, the author should express such.)

Submitter Identification. The submitter should include his full preferred name, his SAR Member ID#, and his relationship to the named patriot (if applicable).

Source Citations. Each submitter should strive to include as much sourcing information about the information contained therein as possible, even if it comes from personal or family lore. As much as possible, use standard MLA format for formally cited sources, or at least as much information as is known about them.

How to Submit:

The MISSAR (or dual membership) compatriot should utilize the contact form supplied to contact the webmaster.

A completed patriot ancestry in a Microsoft Word© document file (or similar editable format), with corrected spelling and error checking, must be supplied to the webmaster via email after initial contact. The essay may be considered for inclusion in the library on the National Society website.

Contact the Webmaster:

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