Cpl. Joel Sawyer by John Sawyer NSSAR #174494

Joel Sawyer, lived from 1750-1825. He was from Gorham, Maine, and served during the American Revolution as a Corporal in Captain Stuart’s Company, a unit of Colonel Edmund Phinney’s Regiment, beginning on July 15, 1775. This was a militia unit that was formed after hostilities broke out at Bunker Hill and in other neighboring areas. We believe he had a short enlistment, perhaps three months, and then he returned home to Gorham, where he lived out his life as a farmer. He was married to Elizabeth Stone in 1773, and they had seven children, one of which was my 2nd great-grandfather, Charles.

It is believed that Joel’s father, John, also served in the Revolution, but this cannot be confirmed. We do know that Joel had two brothers, Jonathon and David, that served in the Revolution.

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