Honoring Revolutionary War Hero Nathan Burpee at Perry-McFarlen Cemetery

We are delighted to announce an upcoming event of great historical significance that promises to be both solemn and captivating. The Michigan Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) in collaboration with the Grand Blanc Township Historic District Commission is set to pay a heartfelt tribute to Revolutionary War veteran Nathan Burpee. This ceremony, set against the backdrop of the Perry-McFarlen Cemetery, will see the unveiling of a bronze plaque in recognition of Burpee’s invaluable service to our nation.

When and Where?

Mark your calendars for 1 p.m. on Friday, October 27, as we gather at the Perry-McFarlen Cemetery to honor the memory of Nathan Burpee.

Nathan Burpee’s legacy as a defender of our nation during the Revolutionary War will be commemorated in a picturesque and dignified ceremony that is open to the public. We cordially invite all history enthusiasts, community members, and patriots to join us in this honorable tribute.

A Grandeur-filled Occasion

To add grandeur and historical authenticity to this event, the SAR Great Lakes District Color Guard will be dressed in striking Revolutionary War-era uniforms, presenting a traditional display of colors. As a further treat for our spectators, the Flint Scottish Pipe Band will provide a stirring performance of bagpipe music.

The ceremony will reach its climax with a symbolic 21-gun salute, made all the more impactful by the firing of three rounds from an antique cannon.

Personal Insights and Family Remembrances

Nathan Burpee’s story is one of exceptional valor and determination during the turbulent times of the American Revolution. Born on December 12, 1758, in Sterling, Massachusetts, Nathan was the son of Samuel Burpee and Martha Brocklebank. His commitment to the cause of American independence and the arduous journey he embarked upon is a testament to his enduring patriotism.

Nathan’s life was closely intertwined with the Revolutionary War, where young recruits like him faced significant challenges. With little to no military training, outdated weaponry, and formidable British troops to contend with, his accomplishments in the face of such odds are truly remarkable.

Today, Nathan Burpee’s story continues to inspire and remind us of the extraordinary sacrifices made by the patriots who shaped the nation’s history. Members of the Burpee family will be present to share personal remembrances and provide insights into the life and contributions of Nathan Burpee. This unique opportunity allows attendees to gain a deeper understanding of this remarkable veteran and his role in securing our nation’s independence.

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