Pvt. Elijah MacFarlin, Jr. by Roy MacFarland

Elijah MacFarlin, Jr. married Sarah Marshall, daughter of Josiah and Sarah Churchill Marshall, on 12 May 1773. Two children were born before he left for the army, and three others following the end of the hostilities. Along with his father and brother, Elijah MacFarlin, Jr. also served in the army with his father-in-law, Josiah Marshall. Serving under Gen. George Washington, he saw action at the Battle of Trenton and Princeton. He also saw action at the Battle at Haarlem Heights on Long Island and at White Plains, where he was wounded. Following his discharge at West Point, New York, in 1783, he returned to Plympton, Massachusetts where he remained until after 1788, when he and his wife moved to Fairfield, Maine. In 1818 he applied for and was granted his military pension of $8 per month. Elijah MacFarlin, Jr. died 7 November 1827 in Fairfield, Maine.

From the New England Historic Genealogical Society database:

ELIJAH McFARLIN, 69, Fairfield, private, Edes’s and Parker’s Co., Jackson’s Regt., Mass, for the period of three years, having previously served during the year 1776 in Capt. Bradford’s company and Colonel Bailey’s regiment of the Mass. troops, and was in the battles of Harlem Heights, White Plains, Trenton, Princeton and received two severe wounds. Real estate, I have none. Personal estate, one cow of the value fifteen dollars, seven sheep and nine lambs of the value of twenty dollars, one sow and six pigs of the value of seven dollars, old household stuff, besides necessary bedding not exceeding two dollars in value. One axe worth one dollar, one shovel worth one dollar, and I have five dollars in money. I have no debts due to me that can be collected and I owe as much as one hundred and fifty dollars upon interest. My income from the above property is not equal to the interest of the money I owe. My occupation was that of a farmer, but from age and infirmity and being a cripple am totally unable to labor. My family at home consists of myself, and my wife, aged sixty eight, who has lost the use of her left arm, and is otherwise very infirm. Except the foregoing and my necessary clothing and bedding, I have no property or income whatsoever. $137.54. Continued. 20 Dec. 1820. [Source: NEHGR 145:173, 1991]

References and Notes

Mayflower ancestry of Elijah McFarlin, Jr. is confirmed in Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. 22, p. 547-548.

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