2018 West Michigan Chapter News & Announcements

WMC President Goodson Presents Local Library With Special Gift

Representing the DAR and the West Michigan Chapter of the SAR, WMC President Ken Goodson presented a set of books, "Friends of Martin Luther King Jr.", to Amy Sprau the Media Center Librarian for the Duncan Lake Middle School (part of the Caledonia Community School District) on December 4.

The project of donating these books to every Middle School in Kent County was taken on by the Sophie deMarsac Campau Chapter of the NSDAR based in Grand Rapids. Regent Marcia Kaye asked if the West Michigan Chapter would contribute to the effort. The Chapter agreed to buy two sets of books and President Goodson was asked to present one of the sets.

WMC Recognizes Longtime Grand Rapids Auto Dealership


On November 23, WMC Flag Chairman, Mark Ackerman, was on hand to present a flag award to president John Flikkema (pictured above) of the Van Andel Flikkema Jeep dealership, nominated by Compatriot Tom Lannon. The flag is easily seen on Plainfield Avenue NE in Grand Rapids and highlights the area nicely. The dealership has been in business for 86 years and is proud to have a large flag display. Several members of the family have served in the United States military, which reflects their patriotic attitude towards our great country. They replace the flag regularly before it becomes tattered or torn, or when a weather event necessitates retiring it earlier. They follow the official lowering to half staff when it is appropriate to do so.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to their family for the grand display and service to our community and country!

WMC Honors Local Business with Flag Certificate


WMC Flag Chairman, Mark Ackerman, presented a flag award to Camping World (formerly known as American RV) on Saturday, June 9th in recognition of their extraordinary flag display along US 131 at 201 76th Street in southwest Grand Rapids. Their flag can only be described as gigantic at 40' X 90' feet, and there was enough wind to lift it up for a nice display.

The General Manager, Chad Neff, was unavailable, but the receptionist Connie (above left), an 8-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, accepted the award on behalf of Camping World.

Compatriot Ackerman has noticed Camping World's flag on his trips to his hometown of Kalamazoo, and took the initiative to make the business an award recipient. They were proud and excited to receive the award and recognition of their patriotism from our organization today!

Reenders Blueberry Farm Receives Flag Award from WMC

WMC Flag Chairman, Mark Ackerman, braved a leg injury and presented a flag award to Reenders Blueberry Farm on the afternoon of June 2. The business is located along U.S. 31, just South of the Lake Michigan drive intersection.

WMC Inducts Centenarian at March Meeting

On Friday March 16th, leaders of the West Michigan Chapter, who are members of MISSAR’s Color Guard, swore in its newest member Loren Willis Frey. What made this a particularly special event was that Compatriot Frey is not only the chapter's newest member, but also now its oldest member at 100 years of age. The family was hosted at Grant High School, located in Grant Michigan, where Compatriot Frey attended school 85 years ago.

Compatriot Jack Frey, Loren's son, began by introducing the family to the audience gathered in the auditorium then describing their lineage going back to their Patriot, Gottfried Frey, a Private in the York County, Pennsylvania, Militia. He was attached to a unit that worked to capture escaped and deserting British soldiers.

Compatriot Loren Frey was sworn in by 2nd MISSAR VP Ken Goodson and witnessed by Guardsman Jason Gideon. His Rosette was pinned on by Compatriot Jack Frey, also a member of the West Michigan Chapter. Once the patriarch was pinned, three of his great-grandsons were sworn in and pinned by their father, Compatriot Tom Frey. New junior members Lane Thomas, Luke Marvin, and Ethan James Frey then took the oath and their Rosettes were affixed by their father.

Four generations stood on stage together: great-grandfather Loren, his son Jack, grandson Tom, and great-grandsons Lane, Luke, and Ethan.

Grant High School Principal Dan Simon was also presented a Flag Certificate by Guardsman Jason Gideon. The two-minute standing ovation by the students was witnessed by another dozen members of the family making it a special day for Michigan’s West Michigan Chapter. West Michigan is the oldest Chapter in the state and now boasts its oldest member.

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