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...to the Michigan Society of the Sons of the American Revolution website. Here you will find everything you need to learn about the Michigan organization of the SAR, our background and community service activities, and how to join.

The MISSAR was formed on January 18, 1890, and included representatives from the Michigan communities of Adrian, Detroit, Flint, Owosso, and Romulus.

Article II of the original MISSAR Constitution stated: "The object and purpose of this society is to keep alive among ourselves and our descendants the patriotic spirit of the men who, in military, naval, or civil service, by their acts or counsel achieved American independence."

Today, the MISSAR has grown to nearly 500 members and has eleven chapters representing all areas of the state.

A message from the President...

As each of us prepares to celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend, I would ask that you take time to reflect on the true meaning of this day and explain it to your loved ones as you gather to enjoy the day. Many of us will be participating in Memorial Day parades or wreath laying ceremonies over that weekend, and it will be a time for remembrance for many who have loved ones who served in the military throughout our history. It is a time to celebrate our freedoms that we have and to enjoy the time with our families and friends.

We have so much to be thankful for, and many times we forget that those rights and freedoms we have are due to the hard work and sacrifice of the many men and women throughout our country’s history who have defended our nation from the oppression of foreign governments. This began with our forefathers, and many of today’s young do not understand that the basic rights that they take for granted were granted only due to the sacrifice that many young men and women gave for our freedom.

I would ask that on this weekend, you remember those who gave their lives for us and this nation from those who served in our fledgling army in the struggle for independence to those who today stand as the guardians of this nation throughout the world. Over time the number of men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice of laying down their lives so that we can enjoy ours is a telling number. Please take a moment, bow your head and give silent thanks for all of those fine individuals who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. Then, because they did give their lives, please enjoy this weekend with your friends and families.


PG J. Michael Tomme's Memorial Day message (click image above).

Our Pursuits

iconYouth Programs

American partiotism and history is promoted by the SAR through a variety of youth-oriented scholarship and awards programs, including oration and essay contests, sponsorship of community service organizations, and outreach activities.


icon Research Services

 Tracing your history back to a Revolutionary War service person can be challenging. Each local chapter of the MISSAR offers assistance with your application process.

iconCommunity Service

The SAR is actively involved in a variety of important community service programs, such as providing transportation to disabled veterans and supporting the efforts of public safety officials.

iconEvents & Activities

The MISSAR's events include service and patriotism recognition banquets, military service commemorations, participation in local history fairs, and American history seminars.  Check our calendar and join us!

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