2018 News & Announcements

Paul Emery Chapter Represents the Great Lakes District at Veterans Day Remembrance

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Paul Emery Chapter Awards Flying the Flag Certificate

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MISSAR Receives Awards at Annual Congress

Your Michigan State Society of the SAR brought home a number of prestigious awards from this past summer's Annual Congress. Click the image above to enter the gallery and learn more.

Patriot Levi Collins Honored at Graveside Ceremony

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MISSAR Represented at Festival Parade


Your MISSAR was an important part of the celebration in Romeo, appearing in the traditional Labor Day Peach Parade. Participating in the festivities were: from Oaks Chapter - Rod Wilson, James Walker with grandson Noah Martino, David Moore, Ray Lucas, and John Raya. From Kensington Valley Chapter - Bernie Wagers. From Paul Emery Chapter - Gerald Burkland. From Blue Water Chapter - Gary Pastiva and Jack Pastiva.

Photos courtesy James Walker.

Michigan Color Guard Front and Center at National Congress


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MISSAR Represented at Massachusetts Patriot's Gravesite Rededication

On May 5, at the Old Burying Ground in Groton, Massachusetts, a long journey was completed: the iron SAR grave marker of Patriot Joshua Bentley (1727-1819) was returned to its owner. MISSAR compatriots John Raya, Gerald Burkland, James Walker, David Moore, and Ray Lucas were in attendance to assist Massachusetts SAR and DAR organizations with the rededication.

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*Article courtesy Nashoba Valley Voice, 14 May 2018. Copyright © 2018 Digital First Media. Reproduced by permission.

Kensington Valley Chapter Dedicates SAR Grave Marker for Rev. John Mudge

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STC Secreatary/Genealogist Duane Peachey Receives Award

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Oaks Chapter Holds Educational Outreach Event

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DMC Awards JROTC Medal

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DMC Inducts 15 New Members at Annual Meeting

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Blue Water Chapter is Presented with the Story of Historic Ft. Sinclair

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WMC Inducts Centenarian at March Meeting

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DMC Honored by National Wreaths Across America

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Senator Peters Delivers Washington's Farewell Address to Congress

On Monday, February 26, 2018, Michigan United States Senator Gary Peters had the honor of being chosen to read Washington's farewell address to the United States Senate. This is a high honor, and Senator Peters is only the third Senator from Michigan to have been chosen to deliver this speech to the Senate since the annual tradition began in 1862 (the others, Julius C. Burrows and Arthur Vandenberg, delivered it in 1902 and 1930, respectively). Senator Peters is a member of the Oaks Chapter of the Michigan Society of the SAR.

“President Washington’s Farewell Address offers a powerful message about the strength derived when our nation comes together as one — a message that is as relevant today as it was when it was written in 1796,” said Senator Peters. “Washington’s words provide a valuable perspective at a time when our partisan politics are deeply divisive and increasingly marked by vitriol. I’m honored to take part in this tradition that returns to our country’s roots, inspires all Americans to strive for unity, and guides elected officials to seek out bipartisan compromises that help our nation move forward together.”

The tradition of reciting Washington's message began in the midst of the Civil War, when Secretary of the Senate John W. Forney read the Address at a joint meeting of the House and Senate to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Washington’s birth in 1862. The tradition has been an annual event in the U.S. Senate since 1896. At the conclusion of each reading, the selected senator signs his/her name and writes a personal note in a book kept by the Secretary of the Senate.

Senator Peters’ family also has a personal connection to General Washington. His forefather, William Garrett, served in the Virginia militia alongside Washington at Valley Forge during the harsh winter of 1777-1778.

Congratulations to Senator Peters and his family for this distinct honor!

To view a video of Senator Peters' address, please click here.

MISSAR Represented at 2018 Spring Leadership Conference

Six Compatriots from the MISSAR participated in the Spring 2018 Leadership Conference in Louisville on March 2nd and 3rd. Attending were: MISSAR President Paul Callanan, State Secretary/Treasurer Dennis VanWormer, MISSAR 1st Vice President James Petres, MISSAR 1st Vice President Ken Goodson, MISSAR 2nd Vice President Joseph Conger, and MISSAR Society Trustee Mickey McGuire representing Huron Valley and a presenter on the Public Relations Committee.

The Leadership Conference is held twice a year, in spring and fall, at the Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville just blocks from the NSSAR office. This year, there were over 65 conference sessions ranging from Americanism to veterans matters. This number does not include Executive Committee Officers meetings (Excom) and three banquets!

The Conference is attended by our President General and compatriots from around the country as well as foreign nations. It very informative, busy, and fun, offering the chance to visit with fellow compatriots, different color guards, the NSSAR Library with its great collection of genealogy books, and to meet with the society’s genealogists.

The Leadership Conference represents a good opportunity for MISSAR members who cannot attend the longer Annual Congress or national events out west.

WMC President Ken Goodson Announces Banners Program


Compatriot Ken Goodson: "A few months ago the Oaks Chapter organized a grave dedication in Utica, Michigan, for Patriot Nathaniel Squire, who fought for freedom from the British with the 2nd Connecticut Regiment. After the event, Compatriot John Raya asked me if there was a way for us to recognize some of the groups that supported the ceremony. After many discussions we came up with the idea of presenting a Flag Banner to those groups in recognition of their service. After conferring with the National Society and members of our State Society, we came up with a design. The original purpose was to recognize the Boy Scouts, and John contacted them to be sure the banner would conform to their requirements. The Oaks and West Michigan chapters chipped in and bought 50 Banners.

"There were six different Boy Scout troops involved in the Utica ceremony, and on March 8th, each troop will be awarded a banner, with the SAR logo and colors, for their service. Compatriot Raya has taken it a step further and awarded the same banner to the VFW group who also supported the event. They were overwhelmed and could not have been more appreciative. Through the efforts of Compatriot Raya, our Chapters now have a simple and inexpensive way to recognize others for their support. The West Michigan Chapter's plan is to start by awarding a banner at a Court of Honor for an Eagle Scout, to the troop for the support of that Scout. You can contact John or me for more information."

Use this form to contact Ken Goodson or John Raya.

Eric Rhude Receives SAR Good Citizenship Medal

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