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2017 News & Announcements

Amway Presented Flag Award

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Oaks Chapter Active With Flag Awards

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Marquette Man Named Minute Man Award Winner by SAR


Paul Callanan, President of the Michigan Society, Sons of the American Revolution, has received the coveted SAR Minuteman Award by the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution at the 127th annual National Congress held July 7-13, 2017, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Callanan, who lives in Marquette, Michigan, and is a member of the Northern Michigan Chapter of the Michigan Society, Sons of the American Revolution, is only the 11th Michigan member to earn the award since its inception in 1952 and the first since 2000.

The SAR Minuteman Award is the highest award presented to a member by the SAR. It is presented for distinguished service rendered to the SAR on the national level. Members are selected by the SAR's Minuteman Committee, made up of previous medal recipients and appointed by the SAR President General. The medal is presented by the President General at the annual Congress. The Minuteman Award was authorized in 1952 and beginning in 1968, the medal is awarded to no more than six recipients each year. It is awarded to individual members on a one-time basis only. The Minuteman Award medal is rectangular, struck in sterling silver, and depicts a Minuteman holding a rifle with a plow and the Liberty Bell in the background. On the reverse is inscribed, "Highest Award of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution.”

Callanan is president of the Michigan Society of the SAR, which currently is establishing a separate Upper Peninsula chapter of the organization for people with direct ancestral lineage to an American Revolutionary Patriot. SAR genealogists can help interested men prove suspected ties to Patriot ancestors.

Congratulations to Paul from his fellow MISSAR compatriots for this well-deserved recognition!

Highlights from the 127th Annual SAR Congress

MISSAR Color Guard in Howell Wreath Laying Ceremony

On July 14, the MISSAR Color Guard performed a Memorial Ceremony in Howell, Michigan. The Color Guard were asked by DAR Philip Livingston Chapter Commemorative Events Chairwoman Sue Ellen Andrews to be involved. The ceremony was to commemorate the 26 soldiers from Howell that died in World War I. Chairwoman Andrews read the names of the fallen soldiers and placed a wreath, escorted by MISSAR Secretary/Treasurer Dennis VanWormer, Past President Rod Wilson. Compatriots VanWormer and Wilson then performed the Sword Salute.

Filling out the ranks of Color Gaurd participants were James Perkins, Donald Reifert, and Charles "Chip" Stevers. Other MISSAR compatriots in the audience were Philip Jackson from Huron Valley and James Schell from Kensington Valley.

Chairwoman Andrews and her chapter team put on an excellent event!

(Pictured above, compatriots Wilson, Reifert, Commander VanWormer, Perkins, and Stevers in front of the WWI Memorial in Howell.)

WMC Members Attend Carnival for Veterans

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MISSAR at the Cass River Encampment

The annual Cass River Encampment is about introducing people to 18th century American military life. The two-day event features battle reenactments between French, British, and American 'soldiers,' and is always enjoyed by all who attend.

In attendance from the Central Michigan Chapter were Michael Huey and his wife, David Anderson and his wife, Ward Anderson and his wife, Bernie Grosskopf and his wife, and Harry Rice with future SAR member, Andrew Byerly.

Representing the Northern Michigan Chapter were Joseph Conger and his wife, Ron Bernard, and Brent Kemmer.

Gerald Burkland represented the Paul Emery Chapter, and Bob Mathews attended from Kensington Valley.

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WMC Honors the West Michigan Whitecaps

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WMC Stays On Top of Area Flag Recognitions

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DMC Awards Bronze Good Citizenship Medal

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MISSAR Webmaster Announces New YouTube Channel

The MISSAR is now represented on YouTube! A Channel has been established and videos are uploaded with more to come. Click the links below to enjoy some of our recent activities.

2017 Tecumseh Memorial Day Parade
MSCAR President Natalia Johnston Presentation
MISSAR Board of Managers Meeting Awards June 2017 (1 of 2)
MISSAR Board of Managers Meeting Awards June 2017 (2 of 2)

MISSAR Represented in Memorial Day Activities Throughout the State

The MISSAR was solidly represented throughout the state of Michigan for this year's Memorial Day festivities. Click on any image above to enter the gallery to learn more.

Oaks Chapter Honors New Baltimore Lions Club for Flying the Colors

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WMC Meeting Features Patriot Biography Presentation

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PEC Invites All to Perry Pioneer Days

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DMC Hosts Genealogy Workshop at Mt. Clemens Public Library

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2017 MISSAR Annual Meeting Highlights

The 2017 MISSAR Annual General Membership Meeting featured a number of important and enjoyable activities and awards, including the Knight Essay Award of $1000 and a medal given to Anthony Lumetta, who attended with his father, Bert, and the Society's Law Enforcement Award given to Michigan State Trooper Donald Stewart (attending with his family) who reminded the gathering that "patriotism is for giving back to the community."

For more information about the meeting, please review the meeting minutes here.

Click on the image above to enter the event gallery.

Props to Compatriots Paul Callanan, John Crissman, Ken Goodson, and Dennis Van Wormer for providing materials for this article!

MSCAR Celebrates Restored Doughboy Statue in Bay City

Members of MSCAR and their MISSAR brethren, along with friends and spectators (about 50-60 in all), braved icy-cold strong winds and sleet in celebration of the unveiling of the restored WWI Doughboy statue in Pershing Park, Bay City. Earlier, at local Sage Library, a rededication ceremony was held honoring WWI veterans. The American Doughboy 'idea' came to us in the fall 2015 when a report was given about the refurbishing of the Doughboy statue in Benton Harbor. MSCAR President Madden Brady took the idea from there and raised nearly $14,000 toward the cost of restoration of the statue in Bay City. The ceremony also marked the 100th anniversary of the original dedication of the statue.

WMC Honors Local members at Annual Meeting

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DMC Swears In 2017-18 Officers

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WMC Particpates in Ceremonies Honoring Vietnam Veterans

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NMC Presents Law Enforcement Awards to Roscommon County Officers

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Patrouille de France Touring America in March-May 2017

An announcement from Martin Boyer, President of SAR Society in France:

Dear Members,

To commemorate the United States’ entry into World War I, the famous Patrouille de France has been invited to tour America from March to May 2017 to perform in a number of exceptional air shows and flybys in the U.S.

[Click on the image above of] the official announcement from the top ranking French Air Force Chief of staff, General Lanata, [to view] the detailed programme, printed into English, as relayed by Colonel C. Proffit.

Kindly allow me to underline the importance of these events for giving more light in the U.S. to our over 2-centuries alliance. May I request that you would consider stressing the importance of promoting these inspiring and rare events, by SAR state societies' officers and encourage all the NSSAR members to attend whenever possible, especially in those states where the French Air Patrol will perform.

With my very best personal wishes,

Martin Boyer
SAR Society in France

Local Belle Tire Receives Flag Award

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2017 PEC Officers Sworn In and Awards Presented

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KVC Holds Annual Meeting

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WMC President Ken Goodson Gives Talk to Students

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WMC Tours Ford Museum

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