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"During the 18th and 19th centuries, flags were commonly referred to as “the Colors.” These colors were of primary importance to the military regiment or brigade as the line of battle was formed around the colors of the unit which were placed at the center of the line. These colors were easily seen through the smoke of battle. If the colors advanced, the line would advance. If the colors retired, the line would retire. As battles would progress and casualties mounted, the line would contract to the colors. In effect, the colors would serve as a rallying point if the line was broken or the men became dispersed. Thus, success in battle was often dependent on the handling of the colors."*

The MISSAR Color Guard was reorganized in 2004 by current CG Commander, Gerald Burkland, after originating in the mid-1990s with six members, including an NSSAR Minute Man, a Great Lakes District VPG, and a former MISSAR President. Commander Burkland's desire to reorganize the MISSAR CG was inspired by work performed with grave rededications, as well as observing the NSSAR Color Guard.

Currently, the MISSAR Color Guard has adopted the "Washington Guard" uniform - the one worn by General Washington's personal Life Guard, but also permits other uniform styles of the period to be worn.

*National Society Sons of the American Revolution. Color Guard Handbook.

2018-19 MISSAR Color Guard

Front Row: Commander Gerald Burkland, Bill Sharp, Don Reifert, Dave Moore; 2nd Row: Norm Palmer, Joe Conger; 3rd Row: Paul Callanan, Bill Vette; 4th Row: Vice Commander Ken Goodson, Dennis Van Wormer, Aaron Wiles.

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