The new Central Michigan Chapter has been involved in significant events, such as the dedication of the Holland Park Veterans Home Front Memorial in Big Rapids. Meetings include chapter-members giving captivating presentations of the biographies of their patriot(s).

The Central Michigan Chapter received Charter on October 29, 2016 at the Great Lakes District Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The first official meeting was held November 12, 2016 (see photo below). The Regular/General meetings are typically held at the Cheers Neighborhood Grill in Mount Pleasant, 11:15 a.m., on the 2nd Saturday of months March, May, August, October, and November. The Board of Managers meetings are typically held on the same day as the General Membership meeting, except the location is at the Remus Tavern at 9:00 a.m. The November General Membership meeting is always the chapter’s “Ladies Appreciation Meeting,” and it is the last meeting of the year.

Central Michigan Chapter - First Chartered General Meeting (12 Nov 2016)

Front Row: Norvil Brown, Treasurer (Stanwood); Mike Huey, Genealogist (Lakeview); Dave Anderson, President (Stanwood); Dave Brant, Vice President (Shepherd); Bernie Grosskopf, Secretary (Riverdale)
Back Row: Richard Santer (Big Rapids); Don Rothenberger (Mecosta); Ward Anderson (St. Charles); Jeff Scarpelli (Stanwood); Kyle Anderson (St. Charles); Jack Neil (Mt. Pleasant); Troy Henrie (Shepherd); James Nedela (Mt. Pleasant); Dan Tincknell (Clare); Jack Ferchau (Freeland); Ed Laidlaw (Lake), Edgar Kiser (Clare)
Members not pictured: Jim Perkins (Blanchard); Dennis Zeiss (Midland); Eric Anderson (St. Charles); Rollin Yeakle (Midland); Larry Neeper (Lake); Randall & Ryan Calkins (Midland)

Central Michigan Chapter Officers

President - David Anderson
1st V. President - David Brant
2nd V. President - Don Rothenberger
Secretary - Bernard Grosskopf
Treasurer - Norvil Brown
Genealogist - Michael Huey
Historian – Jim Nedala
Chaplain - Michael Huey
Co-Chaplain - James Perkins
Trustee - David Anderson
Trustee - Bernard Grosskopf

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Middle of the Mitten

This magnificent area of mid-Michigan is composed of farmland, forests, manufacturing and higher learning institutions. The Central Michigan Chapter region includes Big Rapids on West to Bay City on East. The numerous education facilities include Central Michigan University, Ferris State University, Saginaw Valley University, Northwood University (Midland), Alma College, Montcalm Community College (Sidney), and Mid-Michigan Community College (Harrison).

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