Dr. Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award

Michigan American History teachers are invited to apply for the Dr. Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award, presented to "educators who distinguish themselves in the addressing the history of the American Revolution." The award is open to all middle and high school American History teachers (public, private, or accredited home school) whose curriculum covers the period 1750-1800. Teachers beginning their careers are especially welcomed.

The application for the award consists of the completion of the contest form and a written essay of not less than 500 words describing the importance and value of teaching students about the Revolutionary War and the related people and events of this time period.

Participants compete at the local and state levels, then a winning essay is chosen at the annual SAR Congress.  The winner receives an all-expenses paid admission to the education seminar of his/her choice, including the Freedoms Foundation Summer Teacher Graduate Workshop at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; the Colonial Williamsburg Summer Teacher Workshop in Williamsburg, Virginia; the Jefferson Symposium at the University of Virginia in  Charlottesville, Virginia; or the SAR Annual Conference on the American Revolution.

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