Americanism Elementary School Poster Contest

Michigan elementary school students are invited each year to participate in the SAR Americanism Poster Contest. The purpose of the competition is to stimulate interest in American history in support of the Elementary School curriculum, which is generally when the subject of the American Revolution is taught. This contest is endorsed by the National Art Education Association (NAEA).

Generally, the contest is designed for students in the Third, Fourth, or Fifth Grades (when the American Revolution is taught) attending public, private, or accredited home schools, but other factors such as age equivalancy and variances in curriculum may be considered. Members of the Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.), Cub Scouts and Brownies of equivalent age/grade are eligible when their local school is not participating in the program.

For purposes of fairness and ease of judging, poster topics are limited to a single topic or "theme" of the Revolutionary War: a notable event (years ending in even numbers) or an important historical figure (years ending in odd numbers). The 2017-2018 school year topic is "Revolutionary War Events." One poster will be selected by each state for representation in the National contest. The contest runs concurrently with the academic year. The deadline for submissions is February 1 of each school year. (Use the form at the right.)

The following criteria for judging posters are as follows:

Actual posters are created for the contest using traditional poster board or display board (max. size 24" x 36"). All artwork and other material must be completely original (no commerically produced or printed material, such as clip art), and no copyrighted material may be used.

Contest winners will be announced at the annual Youth Awards Luncheon during the annual SAR Congress. All posters will be displayed by the Americanism Committee at the Congress after judging is completed. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place posters will be displayed at the National Headquarters building for the year after the contest.

The First Prize winning entry receives a cash award, a blue First Prize Rosette ribbon, and a certificate of achievement.  Second Prize consists of a cash award, a white Second Prize ribbon, and a certificate; and Third Prize includes a cash award, a red Third Prize ribbon, and a certificate.  Each participating state societie receives a flag streamer.

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