Sgt. Moses Adams Memorial Middle School Brochure Contest

Michigan middle school students (including 9th grade) are invited to participate in the Sgt. Moses Adams Memorial Middle School Brochure Contest. Sgt. Adams of Colonel Edward Wigglesworth's 13th Massachusetts Regiment (war muster rolls also list him as a Corporal) was killed at Valley Forge, noted as 13 June 1778. (Some accounts mention Adams being reported as dead August 1777, but his name appears on muster rolls for March and May 1778 at Valley Forge; also, June 1778, at Greenwich.) Any middle school student from a public, private, or accredited home school is eligible. Individuals belonging to Scout programs as well as members of the C.A.R. are also eligible provided they meet age requirements. The deadline for submission for the competition is December 31 of each year. (Use the form at the right.)

Each year, there is a special theme for the contest. The 2017 topic is: "One of the Nation’s Five Founding Documents." Please visit the website links on the right for more information.

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